With PractiSource you have a lot of options when it comes to systems.

Regardless of the type of client or size, we always provide complete 24/7/365 access to our financial management systems and in-depth business intelligence and reporting tools. This ensures that you have complete control over your organization’s finances and revenue stream.


lab-symbolLaboratory Clients

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lab-symbolFor Laboratory Clients


PractiSource Understands the unique needs of laboratories.

Further, we specialize in providemedical billing services to toxicology testing laboratories. Billing for a toxicology or drug testing laboratory can present unique challenges. This is especially important as it relates to out of network insurance payers as well as the large number of panels billed for each patient for both initial and confirmation tests. Therefore, having the right systems solutions in place is critical to proper financial outcomes.

We can work with your laboratory to create a scalable, easy, and comprehensive billing and system solution. For example, we can develop imports or interfaces with your Laboratory Information System (LIS) to our billing and financial management systems. This eliminates much of the paperwork associated with outsourcing your billing and streamlines the laboratory billing process. Furthermore, we then provide you with complete access to financial business intelligence tools and reporting to let you know exactly where you stand.

All of our systems for laboratories are web-based meaning you do not have to install software or costly servers.

Management can access our systems anytime, anywhere… keeping you in complete control.

med-symbolFor Medical Practices


In addition to our medical billing and revenue cycle management services for medical practices, we provide practices with a complete web-based practice management systems suite.

This includes everything from appointment scheduling, to patient financial history, to state-of-the-art reporting and business intelligence tools to keep you in the know at all times.

What about EHR? We’ve got you covered a number of ways depending upon your needs and desires. If you have an EHR now and love it… there is no reason to change. Chances are we can interface (or integrate) with it just fine, so you can keep practicing the way you like, and let us take care of getting you paid. Of course, if you want an entirely new PM/EHR system, we can provide that as well.

Since each practice has unique needs, we do not endorse “one size fits all” solutions. There simply is no “best” solution for all practices. Each practice is special, and we will consult with you to find you the most simple, easy and efficient PM / EHR / Billing solution which fits your specifics needs and requirements.
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other-symbolFor Other Billing Services


A billing service that works for other billing services? That’s right,

PractiSource’s provides complete or partial business outsourcing to other billing services.

It’s actually how we started out. We have a lot of experience with large, high volume medical billing and can bring the efficiencies and cost savings to even the smallest of billing services out there.
Generally speaking, PractiSource provides operational services to small to mid-sized billing services in a way which is more scalable and efficient enabling the billing service to concentrate better on customer care or expansion. The services we normally perform include claim generation and billing, payment posting, denial management, patient billing and followup.
From a systems perspective, we can work with a number of different systems and usually tie into the existing system already in place, although other models are available. We work discretely with our billing service clients and are usually invisible to their clients.
These types of services are often referred to as medical billing BPO services (Business Process Outsourcing). Many traditional BPO companies take only pieces of the process, and are usually contacted off-shore. In contrast, PractiSource BPO services very often include all services in the revenue cycle, and your contact will be here in the US, and always ready to help.

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