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  1. PractiSource and ChartPath by Afoundria Partner to Provide New Integrated EHR and RCM Solutions to Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medical Practices (8/8/2018) - August 2018 – Austin, Texas. PractiSource, a leader in billing and RCM services for post acute / long term care medical practices, is now offering integrated services with Afoundria’s ChartPath EHR.  ChartPath is a web-based EHR designed specifically to the unique needs and workflows found in the PAC/LTC medical practice environment.   PractiSource has become... Read more »
  2. Innovation Destination Hartford interview with PractiSource CEO (2/28/2018) - Link to: Should the link not be available, please see a copy of the article below courtesy of Innovation Destination Hartford. Growing Connecticut Firm Provides Healthcare Revenue Solutions Innovation Destination Hartford Website Curator Nan Price spoke with PractiSource, LLC President and CEO Markus Muhlhauser about how his business got off the ground, some of... Read more »
  3. PractiSource expands to new office space amid continued growth (2/13/2018) - Tolland, CT   PractiSource recently moved its offices to new space at 1 Technology Drive in Tolland, Connecticut in order to accommodate continued growth.   The new space features an open contiguous floor plan and is currently furnished to accommodate up to 68 team members.  There is additional space for more work stations and offices,... Read more »
  4. RURO Announces Partnership with PractiSource, LLC. (2/7/2017) -   Combination of RURO’s LimitLIS®, PractiSource’s Medical Billing and RCM Services Offers Clinical Laboratories Rapid Modernization of Operations and Revenue Management.   RURO’s LimitLIS® is quickly becoming a preferred Laboratory Information System for laboratories seeking more advanced information management PractiSource’s expertise and corporate focus on optimizing laboratory revenue is industry-leading RURO and PractiSource’s partnered solution... Read more »
  5. 2017 Clinical Toxicology Laboratory Fee Schedule Changes- The Good and the Bad (1/6/2017) -   Hartford, CT – January 5, 2017 There are a number of changes to the Toxicology Clinical Lab Fee Schedule for 2017.  So let’s start with the bad news first. Along with fee (allowable) changes, there are once again laboratory coding changes. Details are below, however, the biggest change for toxicology laboratories has to do... Read more »
  6. Ignoring 2016 CMS Laboratory Reporting Requirements Could Get Expensive (11/21/2016) - Hartford, CT – PractiSource, LLC Earlier this year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that it will be requiring most clinical laboratories to submit the first six months of 2016 payment data to CMS in the first quarter of 2017. CMS is doing so to determine Medicare payment rates (in the Clinical... Read more »
  7. PractiSource Specialty Highlight: Post-Acute Long Term Care (LTC) Medical Practices (10/2/2016) - Many physicians and medical practice managers believe that their billing situation is somehow unique. That they are “different” than other medical practices. Some specialties such as Radiology and Anesthesiology stick out for obvious reasons, and have entire industries dedicated to them which cover everything from billing to dedicated systems. One group of providers who have... Read more »
  8. Toxicology Labs – Not All Samples Are Created Equal (8/31/2016) - Hartford, CT -PractiSource, LLC Toxicolology reference laboratories get excited about increases in volume of samples or specimens being screened by their laboratories. And they absolutely should – after all, laboratories are dependent on testing samples as their only source of income. However, it is important to note that “more” does not always equate to “better”.... Read more »
  9. Toxicology Labs- Why Simply Getting Paid is No Longer Enough (7/20/2016) - Hartford, CT -PractiSource, LLC As a company which actively maximizes revenue for toxicology reference laboratories, we have witnessed a wide variety of billing and reimbursement scenarios over the past few years. Many of these scenarios are proper, but a large portion are either the result of not knowing any better, or worse yet, the result... Read more »
  10. Toxicology Reference Laboratories: Maximize Reimbursement (6/13/2016) - Toxicology Reference Laboratories: MAXIMIZE REIMBURSEMENT A Free Webinar Wednesday, June 15, 2016 (10:30am EST) In today’s changing reimbursement environment it is more important than ever for Toxicology Reference Labs to maximize revenues by completely understanding the best billing and revenue cycle management processes as well as efficient workflows and revenue analytics. Our free webinar will... Read more »