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  1. PractiSource is proud to support PALS (Patient Airlift Services) (9/22/2021) -       PractiSource is proud to support PALS (Patient Airlift Services), a non-profit organization dedicated to arranging free flights for medical patients and veterans requiring medical diagnosis, treatment or follow-ups who cannot afford or are unable to fly commercially. We are delighted to support the work of this amazing organization and help ensure that... Read more »
  2. PractiSource Community: Supporting the Arts in Education (2/25/2021) - Springfield, Massachusetts Now, more than ever, underserved schools need support. One area which often takes a back seat is the Arts. Many studies clearly demonstrate the importance of the Arts in education. According to Dr. Anna Muhlhauser, a clinical psychologist and a Co-Chair of the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts Ovations Committee explains, “Arts... Read more »
  3. AgilityMD Available to Assist Any AdvancedMD Medical Practice During COVID-19 Situation (4/16/2020) - Springfield, Massachusetts New temporary Accounts Receivable, Staffing, and RCM services are designed to help practices facing current staffing or financial challenges   AgilityMD and PractiSource are ready to assist any and all medical practices which use the AdvancedMD software platform during the COVID-19  pandemic (other platforms are also available, as listed below). We realize that... Read more »
  4. PractiSource Customer Update Regarding Covid-19 (3/16/2020) -     Springfield, Massachusetts March 17, 2019 To you – a valued member of the PractiSource family: As a family owned company, the health of our PractiSource family – including employees, customers, and partners – is our highest priority. The Covid-19 situation is constantly evolving, but please know that our commitment to you is unwavering.... Read more »
  5. PractiSource Announces its New AgilityMD Division Focusing on AdvancedMD Medical Practices Springfield, Massachusetts (1/22/2020) - Summary: PractiSource Announces new AgilityMD RCM and Billing Services for AdvancedMD Software Users   PractiSource today announced its latest division, AgilityMD. AgilityMD is a suite of service offerings designed to maximize revenue for users of AdvancedMD Medical Office Software. PractiSource is an AdvancedMD partner and currently serves hundreds of providers on the AdvancedMD platform with... Read more »
  6. Important Reminder: New Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers (MBI) Required January 1, 2020 (12/18/2019) -   December 17, 2019 Springfield, MA     PractiSource would like to provide a quick, final reminder regarding the new Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers. New MBI’s (patient Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers often simply referred to as a patient “Medicare Number”) will be required for all service starts starting January 1, 2020. The new numbers do not contain... Read more »
  7. Toxicology Billing Today – What Labs Should Verify About Billing Services. (7/29/2019) - An RCM CEO’s Reflections on Toxicology Lab Billing   For Release: July 29, 2019 Springfield, Massachusetts       Just a few short years ago, the clinical toxicology laboratory space was filled with startup laboratories often managed by folks with little to no experience in the field. Such labs often did not have the years... Read more »
  8. PractiSource Continues Growth with New Massachusetts Office (3/11/2019) - Springfield, MA PractiSource continued significant positive growth trends in 2018 and added new office space in Springfield, Massachusetts. The new offices are located at 1 Financial Plaza (1350 Main Street) in downtown Springfield. The new space was acquired to accommodate a growing and increasingly geographically diverse employee base. Frank Perrotta, PracitSource’s Chief Technology Officer, explains,... Read more »
  9. PractiSource and ChartPath by Afoundria Partner to Provide New Integrated EHR and RCM Solutions to Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medical Practices (8/8/2018) - August 2018 – Austin, Texas. PractiSource, a leader in billing and RCM services for post acute / long term care medical practices, is now offering integrated services with Afoundria’s ChartPath EHR.  ChartPath is a web-based EHR designed specifically to the unique needs and workflows found in the PAC/LTC medical practice environment.   PractiSource has become... Read more »
  10. Innovation Destination Hartford interview with PractiSource CEO (2/28/2018) - Link to: Should the link not be available, please see a copy of the article below courtesy of Innovation Destination Hartford. Growing Connecticut Firm Provides Healthcare Revenue Solutions Innovation Destination Hartford Website Curator Nan Price spoke with PractiSource, LLC President and CEO Markus Muhlhauser about how his business got off the ground, some of... Read more »