So what does PractiSource do?

It’s pretty simple really – we maximize reimbursement for our clients. PractiSource provides medical billing and revenue cycle management services to medical and laboratory clients in a manner which helps ensure that your claims are paid quickly and properly and that claims don’t fall through the cracks.

You work hard serving your patients, and you deserve to get paid.

Insurance payers work hard instituting policies, procedures, and work flows all of which seemed to be aimed at making it more difficult to get paid properly. PractiSource combines the latest technologies with experienced reimbursement professionals to ensure that you can fight fire with fire, and get paid.

Stop allowing dollars to fall between the cracks.

Most practices and laboratories have a hard enough time just keeping up with with the day to day tasks associated with basic billing functions, and do not have the time, procedures or protocols to aggressively followup on outstanding dollars (A/R). In contrast, when you choose PractiSource, we not only accurately take care of all of your billing and payment processing functions, but we dedicate significant resources to aggressively pursuing outstanding claims. We incorporate the latest technologies such as insurance specific followup engines and predictive claims management tools. Couple this with our dedicated reimbursement specialists, and the results are outstanding.

We make it simple.
We take care of the complete management of the revenue cycle so you can concentrate on patient care.

  • Our services generally include the following:
  • Complete implementation and setup of billing processes, systems, procedures and controls
  • Demographic, insurance and charge entry with multiple options including electronic charge capture, LIS or EHR integration, or paper
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Generation and mailing any non-electronic insurance claims
  • Patient Billing (including statements and pre-collection letters)
  • Resolution of patient and insurance payer billing inquiries
  • Aggressive followup of unpaid claims. Includes denial management, researching claim history, appeals, insurance correspondence..etc.
  • Refund processing
  • Financial and analytical practice management reporting

PractiSource is a full service medical billing and revenue cycle management company. While most of our competitors force their clients staff to perform much of the work such as claims entry, and submission, PractiSource handles most of these tasks for you… so you can concentrate on patient care.