PractiSource is a nationwide full service billing and revenue cycle management firm specializing in maximizing reimbursement for medical reference laboratories, medical practices and facilities.

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We make getting paid simple and easy with Medical Billing and RCM solutions for laboratories and medical practices. You work hard and you deserve to get paid appropriately

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Providing our clients with 24/7/365 access to financial systems and integrating with EHR and LIS systems is just the start.

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Not all medical billing and RCM companies are created the equal. It’s not just our customer-centric attitude, advanced techniques, or state of the art systems that set us apart.

News & Expertise

RURO Announces Partnership with PractiSource, LLC. (2/7/2017) -   Combination of RURO’s LimitLIS®, PractiSource’s Medical Billing and RCM Services Offers Clinical Laboratories Rapid Modernization of Operations and Revenue Management.   RURO’s LimitLIS® is quickly becoming a preferred Laboratory Information System for laboratories seeking more advanced information management PractiSource’s expertise and corporate focus on optimizing laboratory revenue is industry-leading RURO and PractiSource’s partnered solution... Read more »


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